Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment

Management of the Legal & Regulatory

Our business is subject to extensive federal, state, and local environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations. As policies and regulations related to these matters evolve, Milestone takes a proactive approach to monitoring issues that can affect our operations and our workforce.

We stay at the forefront of emerging legislation and policy by monitoring the activities of llegislative and regulatory bodies at all levels, and by participating in industry organizations and associations such as the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (formerly known as the Petroleum Equipment and Services Association), the Texas Oil & Gas Association, and the Permian Basin Petroleum Association. Keeping close watch on such developments allows us to advocate for our company and industry before laws and regulations are passed by the authoritative bodies. Milestone has developed strong relationships with regulators and is transparent when engaging with them regarding compliance activities.

We regularly respond to invitations for comment and participate in public forums, meetings, and information sessions held by regulatory agencies discussing matters relevant to our operations. This effective monitoring allows us to anticipate changes to industry regulations and modify our SOPs to maintain the safety of our employees, operations, and the public.

As a good steward of the industry, we seek to educate our clients and the public on the nature of our operations. We routinely provide tours of our facilities to clients, third-party auditors, and regulatory agencies to show that we are meeting the standard of an industry-leading company. At public event forums, we seek to enhance the public’s knowledge of our practices, allowing them greater comfort in knowing their neighbor is
working hard to keep them and company employees safe.