About Milestone Environmental Services

A land rig against a blue sky.

Who We Are

Milestone is a leading independent carbon sequestration partner focused on responsible energy waste management solutions. We help energy companies mitigate risk, reduce their carbon impact, and enhance their sustainability efforts by delivering an approach to waste management that is environmentally superior, cost-effective, and operationally efficient. From our headquarters in Houston, Texas, and our field office in Midland, Texas, Milestone specializes in the handling of non-hazardous oil and gas drilling, completion, and production waste. We do this through seven slurry injection facilities and two energy-waste landfills across the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale.

Where We Work

A map of locations where Milestone operates out of in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Managing Waste in the Lifecycle

As a viable and profitable business, Milestone is reframing the way exploration & production ("E&P") companies think about energy waste. We offer our customers a proven, alternate solution that will help them meet their net-zero commitments as the energy industry makes the transition to a more sustainable future.

We help energy companies mitigate risk, reduce their carbon impact, and enhance their sustainability efforts.

Download Managing Waste in the Energy Lifecycle Flowchart

Our Mission

To Clean Up Energyâ„ 


Our Founding Principle

Milestone was founded to boldly advance sustainability. We do this by delivering best practices that enable the development and production of vital domestic energy while doing the right thing for a better tomorrow. Our values reflect our commitment to the environment, our workforce, our community, and our customers.


Our Values

+ Sustain Our Future Safely

This is the core of our company. Our safe, best-in-class carbon management and energy waste processes help our customers and workers provide essential energy while minimizing impact on the environment.

+ Act With Integrity

This is foundational to managing sensitive environmental matters and building a successful workplace. We believe in consistently delivering on our promises to all stakeholders and treating everyone with fairness and honesty.

+ Be Reliable

This is crucial to developing and maintaining the trust of our customers, regulators, employees, communities, and investors. They all must be able to count on us to do our part, 24/7/365.

+ Commit to Customers and Employees

We consistently meet customer needs quickly and efficiently, so they can focus on their core business. We’re also committed to being a great place to work. We treat all employees with respect, provide top-tier pay and benefits, offer opportunities for advancement, and maintain a safe workplace.

+ Lead Forward

We innovate progressive technologies to protect the environment for all stakeholders and future generations. We ensure our stability to continue to serve all constituents. We evaluate changes to our business holistically, considering the impact on all who depend on us.