Carbon Sequestration

Sequestration: Our Innovative Business Model

Milestone provides customers an easy and effective way to substantially decrease direct GHG emissions through energy waste sequestration. Our innovative business model securely and safely manages RCRA-exempt oilfield waste streams through our proprietary injection wells and best-in-class landfills.

Milestone’s Slurry Injection Process

Our proprietary slurry injection process is a proven, environmentally secure, and economically efficient method for oilfield waste management. Our process differs from traditional saltwater injection because we are able to inject solids and slurries that are otherwise uninjectable when utilizing other conventional methods. Milestone’s superior facility design and engineering, along with active, routine maintenance of our wellbores, enhances the durability and safety of our injection wells. We are proud to have provided this low-cost, environmentally secure oilfield waste management solution to our customers since our inception in 2014.

We receive RCRA-exempt, non-hazardous liquid and slurry waste streams, including drilling muds, tank bottoms, flowback, dirty water, and produced saltwater, at our conveniently located surface facilities. We inject these waste streams into deep, geological strata thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and usable groundwater. The injection zones are overlain and contained by solid, impermeable layers of rock or shale called confining zones. Together the confining zones and the thousands of feet of earth and rock separating the injection zones protect critical groundwater sources. Once the well has reached its targeted depth, multiple layers of steel casing are placed downhole into the wellbore and cemented in place. These barriers create a secure, impermeable wall isolating the wellbore from groundwater and other surrounding strata. Milestone’s operational procedures and testing protocols support the long-term integrity of our wellbores.

Helping Our Customers Achieve Net Zero

With our patented slurry injection process, liquid waste streams are injected thousands of feet below the water table, permanently sequestering carbon and preventing GHG emissions and ground contamination.

Due to its substantial injection of hydrocarbons, Milestone has a negative carbon footprint of ~226,000 MT CO2e during 2020.

Waste injection reduces carbon emitted into the environment and is the environmentally superior solution to land application.

While our solutions are clearly better for the environment, they also make great business sense for our customers. We give the energy industry an effective way to sequester carbon at approximately the same cost as using risky reserve pits or land application. Better, safer, smarter, easier, more cost effective, and more responsible – these are all key components of our business model.


Milestone’s Oilfield Waste Landfills

Our landfills are located close to our slurry injection sites with our Orla, Texas location offering both disposal options at the same site. Our landfills are designed and operated to minimize wait times and optimize truck traffic flow to save time and decrease costs. Milestone landfills are newly built, using the most advanced protective technologies and materials. All details including redundancy liners, leak detection systems, and groundwater monitoring wells meet or exceed the latest permitting requirements to keep waste streams in the landfill and out of the surrounding environment. We adhere to rigorous maintenance standards to help ensure our landfills remain in top-tier condition.

State-of-art landfill facility at Milestones Orla, Texas location

State-of-art landfill facility at Milestone’s Orla, Texas location