Sequestration: Our Innovative Business Model

Milestone is a premier partner to the oil and gas industry. We address the challenges of the energy transition by providing customers an easy and effective way to advance their own ESG strategies and mitigate climate-related risks. We offer solutions to substantially decrease producers’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through energy waste sequestration. Our proprietary technology for treatment and injection disposal securely and safely manages energy waste streams, is economically efficient, and minimizes negative environmental impacts.



• Reduce carbon emitted into the environment

• Reduce “free” liquids deposited into landfills

• Conserve land while minimizing visible environmental disruption

• Conserve multiples of landfill airspace

• Environmentally superior to landfarming

We provide the energy industry an effective way to sequester carbon by injecting Exploration and Production (E&P) slurry waste containing hydrocarbons that would otherwise biodegrade to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if disposal of the E&P waste was performed via traditional reserve pits or land application methods.

Safer, smarter, cost-effective, and more responsible – these are all key components of our business model.

Slurry injection site in Pecos, Texas+ Slurry injection site in Pecos, Texas