From the V.P. of Sustainability

An Innovative Approach to Sustainability

At Milestone we believe that Sustainability efforts must be measured on their ability to create or protect value. In this, our third Sustainability Report, we have gone to great lengths to ensure we are crystal clear on how, where, and for whom we are creating that value. In these pages you will see that we are deliberate and strategic on the ESG initiatives we put in place. We believe this is the only way to build a resilient business that embraces and advances the energy transition.

As we endeavored to define our value-creation approach to Sustainability, we noticed that existing ESG reporting frameworks were insufficient to demonstrate value-creation to the extent we needed. So we created our own. We sourced publications and frameworks from renowned global organizations and integrated the best elements to create a bespoke approach to define and articulate the value Milestone creates – including financial value, environmental value, and value linked to sustainable development.

Milestone has always been a leader in energy waste sequestration, but we’ve also challenged ourselves to be thought leaders in the ESG and Sustainability conversation. Why? Because we have much to contribute. We know that contractors in the oil and gas supply chain have a role to play in helping our industry reduce Scope 3 emissions. We also know it’s important to demonstrate that a company like ours can be sustainable and profitable at its core, if designed with value-creation objectives in mind.

We are proud to share our approach to Sustainability with all our stakeholders and welcome your feedback to enrich the conversation.


The signature of Carolina Ortega, Miletone's V.P. of SustainabilityCarolina Ortega, V.P. of Sustainability

Carolina Ortega, V.P. of Sustainability

Carolina Ortega, V.P. of Sustainability