Letter From the President & CEO

We Are on a Mission to Clean Up Energyâ„ 

Fossil fuels are vital to the health and prosperity of humanity. They play an important role in every aspect of modern life – powering everything from our cities to our smartphones and providing the building blocks for the products we rely on every day, from pharmaceuticals to refrigerators. 

While the oil and gas industry has been essential to society for well over a century, it is now undergoing an unprecedented transformation. A global movement is underway demanding that these industries address climate change, and major oil and gas producers around the world are responding. Today they are continuing to fuel society’s growth and energy independence, while also pledging to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

At Milestone, we applaud the substantial work the energy industry is doing to improve environmental performance. We also know we can do better. There are several issues our industry can and must address with urgency, including flared natural gas, aging infrastructure, and mismanaged waste. This is where we come in.

It is clear that energy producers must move away from waste management methods that harm humans and the environment. Reserve pits and land application are outdated, irresponsible practices that release greenhouse gases and frequently lead to soil and groundwater contamination. These methods need to go, and we provide a path for the energy industry to clean up for good.

Gabriel J. Rio, President & Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel J. Rio, President and CEO

Milestone Offers a New Perspective and a Better Way

Since Milestone was founded in 2014, we have innovated, engineered, and built advanced waste management solutions focused on sustainability. We offer the industry smarter, more responsible practices. And we are changing common perceptions of energy waste, elevating our solutions to be a part of the net-zero conversation.

This inaugural report is an important step for Milestone. It clearly states our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) initiatives and demonstrates our resolve to deliver better results for our customers, and better answers for our world.

Today, Milestone offers the most extensive integrated energy waste sequestration infrastructure in Texas. In 2020, our patented slurry injection process permanently sequestered hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Furthermore, our newly built landfills eliminated the need for disruptive land application and saved more than 11,000 acres of surface area, eliminating contamination risks to soil and groundwater.

I am proud to lead a team that is committed to safely delivering an environmentally superior solution. Our sustainability achievements will advance Milestone’s culture and further integrate important ESG initiatives into our plans for growth. And it doesn’t stop with us. We’ve always known that to do better, we’d all have to be in this together – our employees, customers, landowners, policymakers, and citizens in communities everywhere.


The signature of Milestone President and CEO, Gabriel J. Rio.

Gabriel J. Rio, President & Chief Executive Officer