Investing In Our People

The Milestone team is our most valuable asset, and our success depends on the talent, dedication, and well-being of our people. Our priority is to recruit, engage, develop, retain, reward, and provide advancement opportunities for our team members. This commitment provides a growth-focused workplace that enables us to fulfill our purpose to offer customers a premium energy waste solution while providing dedicated, focused customer service across our organization.

We attract and retain high-talent professionals by fostering an inclusive, collaborative environment where everyone can flourish. Milestone believes in compensating and treating our employees in a fair manner, and recognizes and respects the varying backgrounds and perspectives of our team members. We seek to make Milestone a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace by offering top-tier compensation and benefits packages, including retirement and health savings; paid time off; medical, dental, and life insurance; employee wellness and assistance programs; and paid parental leave.

+ Talent Acquisition and Engagement

With the opening of our new slurry injection facility, along with continued growth within our current operations, we grew our workforce by 28% during 2022. We are continually evolving our talent-attraction programming to support our workforce now and into the future. We use a variety of strategies to attract top talent, including engaging people through social media platforms, holding in-person job fairs, and reaching out to candidates by traditional pathways.

Milestone’s workforce grew by 28% in 2022.


We value feedback from our team members and seek to understand their concerns and expectations. We provide various avenues to listen and engage with our team, including annual surveys and direct feedback through performance reviews. In addition to our annual engagement survey, we conduct onboarding surveys for employees at the 30-, 60-, and 90-day milestones to measure employee satisfaction regarding culture and overall work environment. Results from these surveys are shared with Milestone’s leadership team so appropriate actions can be made as needed. During 2022, 58% of employees participated in our annual engagement survey. We also track and monitor our annual turnover rate and are in the process of developing an exit survey to engage with employees to better understand their reasoning for leaving.

Milestone believes in compensating and treating our employees fairly. We perform an annual salary analysis across the board for all levels within our organization to ensure competitiveness and equity in pay. Results from this analysis are shared with Milestone’s leadership team to identify opportunities for improvement.

During 2022, Milestone made efforts to support our local Texas economy by hosting a variety of job fairs throughout the state, targeting areas with high unemployment rates. Members from our team attended these job fairs to speak to both educators and students to bring awareness to our industry.

+ Learning and Development

As our team members commit to delivering premium energy waste solutions to our customers, we remain committed to providing our employees with learning and development opportunities to advance their careers. In addition to traditional in-person and on-the-job training, we offer digital learning experiences which are accessible to all team members. Various training programs offered by Milestone include Leadership Skills, Sexual Harassment, Safety, and New Manager.

Beyond training resources, we also provide ongoing career development tools and opportunities for our employees. All field employees are cross-trained, which enables advancement within the organization when positions become available. We believe organic growth within our management positions fosters a strong culture where our team members fully understand the service solutions we offer to our customers.

23% of Milestone’s management positions have grown organically from within our organization.