Oversight and Hierarchy of Data Review 

Oversight and Hierarchy of Data Review

For Milestone, providing stakeholders with transparent, accurate, and robust ESG metrics and data has been central to our Sustainability strategy. Through arduous efforts that began in 2020 and were further outlined in our 2021 Sustainability Report, we have put in place a multi-tiered approach to data integrity that is best in class in our sector. In 2022, we collaborated with third parties to assist with the reporting, measurement, and verification of our reportable data to ensure cohesive alignment of our ESG metrics with industry standards, and accurate, reliable data regarding the overall impacts of our waste sequestration process to our customers’ Scope 3 emissions profile.

As the oil and gas industry seeks to shed light into its Scope 3 emissions, Milestone is demonstrating that our disciplined methodology contributes to the understanding of the GHG impacts in the supply chain. The data we provide to our customers is a solution to some of the challenges posed by the energy transition. Milestone contributes to make that net-zero barrel of oil increasingly possible with the data it collects of the E&P waste it receives and sequesters.


A graphic showing the three verifications as puzzle pieces that make a whole

Parties Participating in Our Hierarchy of Data Review


Geosyntec Consultants worked with Milestone to refine its calculation methodology to estimate avoided carbon dioxide emissions from degradation of hydrocarbons that would have occurred if E&P waste was disposed of via landfarming vs slurry injection. Geosyntec performed the analysis on Milestone’s 2022 operations data to estimate avoided carbon dioxide emissions.

CRI, our financial auditors, performed certain agreed upon procedures on the Avoided CO2 and Sequestered Carbon Calculations of Milestone Environmental Services for the year ended December 31, 2022.3

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ESG Lynk was engaged to assist in the alignment of our ESG metrics with SASB standards.

3 See Appendix II for CRI’s Report.