Oversight and ESG Review

Our Approach to Oversight and ESG

Milestone is a portfolio company of Amberjack Capital Partners (Amberjack), a specialized private equity firm that invests in and partners with entrepreneurs and business owners to build market leaders serving the infrastructure, energy, and industrial end markets. To foster Milestone’s long-term success, Amberjack maintains a strong presence on Milestone’s Board of Directors (Board), which is comprised of five members: two executive, two non-executive, and one independent. Our management team collaborates with our Board to develop the overall business strategy and integrate relevant ESG factors into our business processes. We report on significant ESG issues and provide details of ongoing ESG developments during each quarterly Board meeting. This information is used by our Board and Amberjack to measure Milestone’s success in achieving the objectives outlined in our ESG program and the impact on our overall financial performance. Our reporting and disclosures are designed to highlight financial and operating risks of our activities and commitments. With direction from our Board, we maintain the appropriate level of oversight in the areas of financial controls, audit, cybersecurity, risk management, and business activities.

+ Left: Frank Schageman, EVP/CFO; Right: Jason Larchar, VP of Engineering