Critical Incident Risk Management

Our Approach to Critical Incident Risk Management

At Milestone, we pride ourselves on putting safety first. Our extensive HSE program provides the foundation for our critical incident risk management program. Our safety training, protocols/procedures, and routine site inspections help us to establish an industry-leading safety culture whereby a strong emphasis is placed on minimizing risk in our operations, mitigating such risks, and identifying key performance indicators to continue to refine our programs.

Our operations are centered on the safe disposal of non-hazardous energy waste and associated materials. Inherent in the handling of energy waste are certain health and safety risks, including those related to transportation, handling, and regulatory compliance.

As part of our operations, we assume and seek to reduce to an acceptable level the risk and liability associated with the disposal of our customers’ energy waste. To manage these and other risks, we have in place standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) that govern and prescribe the protocol for accepting and rejecting customer energy waste on a delivery-by-delivery basis. These SOPs provide clear guidance on the safe handling of any waste accepted by our company.

We recognize not every incident can be prevented. Our comprehensive incident response plan establishes a clear chain of command and incident reporting requirements. Our incident response plans are reinforced by our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Protection Plan and Spill Prevention Control & Counter Measures Plan which serve to protect the environment. Our Emergency Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place Plans protect the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Our Executive Officers and company-wide management team maintain an open line of communication and stand ready to address any critical incidents and/or risks to Milestone’s business operations or employees.